Monthly Archives: January 2018

The lost case of Viber support

Time for commercials: two years ago, lured into by a very influential person in my life 🙂 I installed Viber app on my phone; soon after the installation, I started buying those stickers for the app, only to end up with more than 100 EUR worth of them nowadays. On my Android phone those stickers would work more-or-less OK all of the time. Also, synchronising those stickers on an Android tablet worked just fine. Synchronising and using those stickers worked just fine for any linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora) I had been using meanwhile, as well as for a Mac OS Sierra on a MacBook Pro 2017. Until one day in December that I could get no synchronisation at the laptops any more. At first, I thought that is a general problem, and I waited a week or two to see if that will be resolved with one of the updates, but then it become clear it will not be sorted without an action from my side – so I opened a ticket.

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