Eclipse cannot open git-receive-pack

I had moved some of the testing repositories and the Eclipse from an OpenSuSE 13.1 to a Fedora 20. Since the git had most of the configuration options set locally, I expected everything to work after a simple copy&paste to the new environment, respecting the old paths. However, Eclipse started complaining when trying to push or clone from yet the operations worked fine from the same laptop when using ssh; I tested the https access to from another computer and user, and that worked fine. The messages Eclipse was returning were:

An exception occurred during push on URI


cannot open git-receive-pack

and Google was leading to texts that had almost the same response, something like “if it is not working over https, try git, or ssh…”

I took me a while to remember that I tried to imitate the totalitarian environment and the firewall of the math department at my university through usage of Tor and a proxy for Eclipse, because they were obstructing even the ssh port, following the stupid-and-old “golden” rule that says “if you don’t know what’s it for, cut it down!”, and with the change of the distribution, I have changed the proxy, too. Polipo was listening at 8123, and a brisk change to privoxy’s 8118 in the Eclipse’s initiation scripts brought it all back to “normal”.

The moral of the story should close this text, but everything I previously wrote for this closing was too cynical to be published, so I’ll just skip it for once. I’ll just add to the myriad of advices found on StackOverflow to change the protocol – just for the record – that badly formed https_proxy variable can be the cause of those Eclipse’s errors, too.

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