New Confluence available at Simulakrum

New Confluence 5.9.7 is now available to the members of the appropriate groups in LDAP. There was an issue with Confluence-in-Docker in the installation phase where Confluence would reach the “Insert license key” step, and then simply spin in a vicious circle.

Found a workaround for that – simply do not attempt to add SSL keys to Confluence during the installation, but reach it through an openssh tunnel (make sure you reach it as “”) finish the installation, and then add SLL, LDAP and other necessities.

The steps are:

  • Install a fresh instance of Confluence into an untainted environment, Docker containers;
  • Add mysql connector;
  • Add confluence.home parameter;
  • make an SSH tunnel to the container, so a browser could use “” address and port to access the installer. No other combination works, including inserting IP of the container into the address bar of the browser, accessing over SSL (self-signed cert, but added into keystore) or similar;
  • finish the installation as expected, MariaDB 5, Oracle Java 8; my guess is that even OpenJDK would work just fine;
  • add SSL details (Connector, certs to keystore, certificates, etc) to the tomcat and an nginx in front of it;
  • restart the Docker container with the Confluence;
  • all works now! For a reason, the installer would simply fall into a vicious circle when it would reach the key entry step if accessed over SSL/self-signed certs initially. Self-signed certs work after the initial run of the installer is finished, though.

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