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There are a few things that should be done before Eclipse is ready for communication with The http.sslVerify = false directive shoud be add in ~/.gitconfig, either directly editing ~/.gitconfig:

vanja@ip:~> grep -B 1 sslVerify ~/.gitconfig
sslVerify = false

or changing the file using the appropriate tool:

vanja@ip:~> git config –global http.sslVerify false

If a firewall is blocking Gerrit port 29418, and the set up allows only http/https combination, communication with Gerrit can be achieved through a proxy over https. First, log into Gerrit and generate an http password under settings.

I used a Tor/polipo combination to simulate a necessity for proxy here:

vanja@ip:~> netstat -an -A inet | grep LISTEN | egrep ‘9050|8123’
tcp        0      0*               LISTEN
tcp        0      0*               LISTEN

and started Eclipse after exporting proxy variables:

vanja@ip:~> cat Scripts/
export http_proxy=”″
export https_proxy=”″
./bin/Eclipse/eclipse/eclipse &

Use http_proxy and https_proxy variables of your proxy there. For the address in Import >> Git >> Projects from Git >> URI menu use:$REPONAME.git

and for user name and password use your LDAP username and the password you generated in Gerrit. Finally, add the commit-msg and set the value of gerrit.createchangeid to true in Eclipse:

Screenshot from 2014-03-28 18:08:51  Screenshot from 2014-03-28 20:23:22

Notice that for test1.git, Eclipse should push to refs/heads/*:refs/for/*

That should be all for initial preparations of Eclipse for Plenty of other settings could be fine-tuned, but the above-mentioned are specific and necessary for Eclipse to reach repos at over https, if ssh is not available.

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