The lost case of Viber support

Time for commercials: two years ago, lured into by a very influential person in my life 🙂 I installed Viber app on my phone; soon after the installation, I started buying those stickers for the app, only to end up with more than 100 EUR worth of them nowadays. On my Android phone those stickers would work more-or-less OK all of the time. Also, synchronising those stickers on an Android tablet worked just fine. Synchronising and using those stickers worked just fine for any linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora) I had been using meanwhile, as well as for a Mac OS Sierra on a MacBook Pro 2017. Until one day in December that I could get no synchronisation at the laptops any more. At first, I thought that is a general problem, and I waited a week or two to see if that will be resolved with one of the updates, but then it become clear it will not be sorted without an action from my side – so I opened a ticket.

What followed was astonishing to – it was like communicating with Trump’s PR team: whatever I said, asked or explained was plain ignored, and soon after the correspondence started it was pretty obvious to me that Donald von Viber will do anything in their power to keep spinning this in a vicious circle and waisting my time, until I give up.

So I did, I gave up, after their third letter. They have sent me a few more letters since my last reply, thanking me for getting to them with my problem in the first place. It felt like kicking me on the floor, after a series of low and forbidden kicks under the belly followed by a knockout – they won, the dirty way, and they continued kicking.

I won’t buy another Viber sticker, ever again, and here’s why:


You wrote: Jan 12, 2018 12:41 AM
To Viber

After changing my phone number, I have all of my stickers on phone and tablet, but not on my laptops (Mac OS Sierra and Debian Linux 9)

Deleting accounts (and Viber folders) does not help, because after reinstalling Viber on laptops, again there are only two or three sets of stickers (should be around 40, most of those paid for)

Trinity L. wrote:Jan 12, 2018 12:58 AM
To You

Hello Vladimir,

Your sticker packages are associated with your app store account (Google account, Apple ID, Microsoft ID) . If, for any reason, you uninstall Viber or deactivate your account, but still have the same app store ID, you will still have access to your purchased sticker packages the next time you activate by going to Sticker Market > Settings > Scroll down and choose “Sync my stickers”.

If you would like to sync your stickers to Viber Desktop, select the Refresh icon at the top left of the Sticker menu.

There are a few exceptions to this:
1. If you have changed platforms (for example, Windows Phone to Android) your purchased stickers will not sync. Each platform uses a different app store. Your account’s purchases are associated with the store that you have purchased from so purchases you have made on one platform cannot be transferred to another platform.

2. If you have more than one device with Viber activated and they each run on different operating systems, stickers purchased on one device will not sync to the other(s). For example, if you have a Windows Phone and an Android tablet that are both registered to the same Viber number, stickers purchased on the Windows Phone will not sync to the tablet, and vice versa.

Best Regards,
Trinity L.
Viber Support Team
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You wrote: Jan 12, 2018 01:19 AM
To Viber

Hi Trinity,

I have experienced a different scenario than those you have described:

– I used an Android-based phone initially to register a Viber account;
after opening a Viber account, every sticker I’d purchase on that
Android-based phone was available immediately after using option ‘Sync my
stickers” on my Android-based tablet and on my Mac OS Sierra and Debian 9
GNU/Linux laptops;
– After changing my phone number (but not my phone, or my Google Play
account – the phone/device and the Google Play account remained the same,
just the number/card is new), when I buy a new set of stickers, those are
again available immediately after using option ‘Sync my stickers” on my
Android-based tablet and on my Mac OS Sierra and Debian 9 GNU/Linux
laptops; however
– All of the stickers bought before the phone number change are not
available even after using option ‘Sync my stickers” on my Mac OS Sierra
and Debian 9 GNU/Linux laptops. The Android-based tablet synchronises those
old and new-ones properly.

How do I make those stickers that were bought before the phone number
change available again on my laptops. too?

Thank you,

Best regards


Trinity L. wrote:Jan 19, 2018 04:53 PM
To You

Hello Vladimir,

We apologize, due to high volume of cases we were not able to reply to you in a timely manner.

Please try the following: tplease open Viber on your mobile device > More> Sticker Market > tap the gear icon > select “Sync my stickers”. Check if this solves the issue.

Your stickers should sync within a few seconds. If not, please send us the following information:

  1. On your phone, open Google Play
  2. Swipe from the left, and send us a screenshot of this screen – your email should be displayed on the top
  3. Scroll down and click on “My Account”
  4. Make sure your purchases appear there (under “Order History”) and send us a screenshot of this screen. Make sure all the stickers you purchased appear in the screenshot.

Thank you!

Best Regards,
Trinity L.
Viber Support Team
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It was obvious already here that they were only buying time to figure out what to tell me, because they themselves have no idea what is wrong. But I went for that one too…

You wrote: Jan 19, 2018 06:06 PM
To Viber
Hi Trinity,
Thank you for your continuous efforts to help me on this matter.
Trying to sync the stickers on laptops again didn’t work.
Here is the screenshot of my Google Play account:
– IMG_20180119_155815.jpg
Following are the screenshots where you can see the purchases of the
– IMG_20180119_155848.jpg- IMG_20180119_155900.jpg-
IMG_20180119_155911.jpg- IMG_20180119_155920.jpg
The following two screenshots show that after synchronising stickers on
tablet (e.g: after a purchase of a new stickers pack, using phone)
everything works well on tablet:
– 20180119_160238.jpg- 20180119_160254.jpg
However, trying to synchronise stickers on my laptops (latest versions
of Viber for Mac OS Sierra, and Debian 9 and Fedora 27) simply won’t
sync old stickers:
– 20180119_160743.jpg- 20180119_160826.jpg
On top of that, Mac OS Sierra does pull one more sticker pack, an old
one, “LegCat and Lola in Love”, that cannot be synchronised on Debian
and Fedora:
– 20180119_164849.jpg- 20180119_164914.jpg
Please let me know if you need more data, info or screenshots, in order
to help me with this issue.
Best regardsVladimir

And here comes the grand finale:

Trinity L. wrote:Jan 27, 2018 05:16 PM
To You

Hello Vladimir,

Thank you for your reply and detailed info provided.

However I’d like to mention again: you should execute the option “Sync stickers” on your mobile device, not on laptops only.

Please let me know if there are any changes after this action.

Thank you for your ongoing patience!

Best Regards,
Trinity L.
Viber Support Team
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Thank you, Donald, I’ll let you know about the changes, sure, after I have clearly explained to you four times so far that your suggestion is not a solution! The changes are – you’ve lost a customer, and you’ve got yourself this free add, free as in beer 😉

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