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livemocha.com crusaders

I have not seen one of these crusaders for at least ten years, until today, when I wanted to find out more about a site apparently helping you learn foreign languages; once I tried to enrol and subscribe to whatever they are offering, a bizarre message welcomed me:

“Livemocha is not supported on Linux”

Screenshot from 2014-10-04 10:50:09

Furthermore, livemocha.com suggests that I should use a Mac or a PC (I guess they thought I came there using a mainframe and a teletype, or what?) because they can’t wait to see me there?!?

Makes you wonder if they can actually help you with anything, if they cannot adopt an agnostic approach to own service, deep in the XXI century. I haven’t seen such a crusade since the days when Microsoft was a serious contender on the scene.

Livemocha, you are a catastrophe!