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Jenkins in a container

The jenkins.simulakrum.org server is now running from within a Docker container. Migration was flawless and done from scratch in less than 30 minutes. The reason was that Ubuntu would fail to restart a native jenkins service if another Docker container would use a port, albeit on a different IP. After being fed up with constant joggling between solutions for that, I decided it would be faster to simply “dockerise” Jenkins, too, and have it confined in a container for good.
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Jenkins’ reports verbosity on IRC and XMPP

I’ve swapped the verbosity levels for Jenkins’ bot at IRC and XMPP, so Jenkins now briefly reports on IRC ( #buildbot@ircer.simulakrum.org ) and fully reports over XMPP ( buildbot@conference.jabber.simulakrum.org ) because this is far more acceptable behaviour for the spamming levels set for the IRC, while XMPP doesn’t kick the bot out of the room.