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Initiating rapsodia, a fork of diaspora

Recently, I’ve stumbled upon diaspora, a social network platform that has more than enough potential, but a giant show-stopper as well – the SSL certificates, used (amongst other things) to enable secure communications between diaspora’s nodes, or “pods” in disapora lingo, have to be “official”, signed by an “authoritative issuer”. Since some of us see that detail as a general problem for proper communication, especially in the light of the events and affairs surrounding “the official authorities” for the SSL certificates in recent years, I have decided to try to overcome that detail, and use otherwise good and usable code of diaspora, and fork it into something that would provide similar usability, yet be tolerant for the self-signed certificates. After I have read the copyright documents that comes with diaspora’s code, I conclude that there should be no problems to fork it, as long as the Affero General Public License version 3 is respected.

Initial brainstorming are going to happen it the next few days on #rapsodia channel at ircer.simulakrum.org IRC server, and everyone with a piece of code, a constructive idea, or more, is welcome. See you at rapsodia, hopefully more than just an IRC channel, soon 🙂