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New Confluence available at Simulakrum

New Confluence 5.9.7 is now available to the members of the appropriate groups in LDAP. There was an issue with Confluence-in-Docker in the installation phase where Confluence would reach the “Insert license key” step, and then simply spin in a vicious circle.

Found a workaround for that – simply do not attempt to add SSL keys to Confluence during the installation, but reach it through an openssh tunnel (make sure you reach it as “”) finish the installation, and then add SLL, LDAP and other necessities.

The steps are: Continue reading

SSL not working: certificate verify failed (18)

If your ssmtp persistently returns a “SSL not working: certificate verify failed (18)” in logs, and you do have “TLS_CA_File=/etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt” in your conf, and you do use a self-signed certificate, try adding the certificate in “/usr/share/pki/ca-trust-source/anchors/” (Fedora 22 directory, may vary for other distros) and then re-try the mailer agian.

irssi, Tor and SSL on linux

I’ve noticed that I cannot connect to an SSL port of an IRC server running on an .onion address using torsocks on a linux. Using the OpenBSD’s irssi-0.8.15p3-socks works fine, though, just as using Xchat with usewithtor option. For instance, using

vanja@ip:~> usewithtor irssi

and then

/connect -ssl tn3zho2yrhkdpmo7.onion 6697

simply hangs the connection. There are a few traces in the terminal about the problem:

libtorsocks(17204): The symbol res_querydomain() was not found in any shared library. The error reported was: not found!

Similar traces get spilled in the very irssi’s window if proxychains are used:

-!- Irssi: Unable to connect server tn3zho2yrhkdpmo7.onion port 6697
[Connection refused]


[(status)] |DNS-request| tn3zho2yrhkdpmo7.onion
|DNS-response|: tn3zho2yrhkdpmo7.onion is not exist

The solution that works well for irssi on OpenSuSE 13.1, Debian 7, and Scientific Linux 6.5 is to use socat, just like it is explained at Tor’s pages for irssi:

$ socat TCP4-LISTEN:4242,fork SOCKS4A:localhost:tn3zho2yrhkdpmo7.onion:6697,socksport=9050

and then from within irssi:

/connect -ssl localhost 4242

That should allow irssi to connect to an SSL port of an IRC server running on an .onion address.